The company:

CZ/EU based contractor, providing a turn-key design services in the following areas:

PCB Layout

- any complexity, unlimited possibilities
- Altium, OrCad, Eagle, KiCad
- Rigid/FLEX, multilayer, HDI
- RF (up to 110GHz), special boards, chip bonding, hi-rel, UHV & Space
- design for Space per ECSS, and New-Space
- DFM, DFA, cooperation on production and PCBA delivery

- affordable pricing, negotiable work contract (direct contract with a selected designer)
- you will always get a direct access to the designer, no intermediates
- offering: from a complete clean sheet designs, to board redesign/upgrade service, consultation
- experience, references & heritage in design service for Space, Avionics, Telecom, Railway, Scientific, Industrial and Military applications

HW & FW development

- wider group of designers available to hire
- safety hardware and code (railway, avionics, EN61508, space) up to SIL4
- C99 language, safety RTOS
- embedded cyber security, SecureBoot, IP/TLS
- deeply embedded comm systems
- embedded Linux, embedded MCUs, FPGA
- RF SDR design
- complex HW development for Railway, Telecom, RF, Avionics, Space, Science, Industrial, and Military domains

Consultancy services

- embedded cyber security & system design
- space vehicle HW design
- HW design review


Providing a turn-key, end-to-end PCB Layout service - CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE DETAILS.

Providing over a 15+ years of active experience, in the area of PCB layout - specializing on a complex and critical designs, such as: railway interlocking, avionics, military and civilian radar systems, space technology per ECSS and NewSpace (CubeSats), medical devices, radiocommunication systems, or industrial PLCs. Design is done using either Altium Designer, OrCad & Allegro, KiCad or Eagle. Layout Design Services


We are strictly a design service company. We do not produce nor sell any physical products.
We are open to work with any EU/NATO based customer, such as academia, small or large companies, corporates -
or also to design for any other HW-design company - as a subcontractor, or up to OEM.
We provide a direct in-person service, direct contract, with no intermediates.
Primary contact: Mr. Adam Němček. All our developers and colleagues are strictly EU-CZ based citizens.

Main contact

Please use our email as a primary contact:
or call: +420 776637670 - Czech or English is perfecly OK.
Meeting in person is possible, after a previous arrangement.

We are located in Czech Republic, EU. Our primary method of work is fully remote. If required, there is no issue with an occasional on-site visit, as required.

Bank contact: EU-CZ account 2883562013/3030 (CZK, EUR, USD) is a EU CZ & NATO based, sole-contractor-trade company. Able to work within a EU based security based certification.